Inner Moves
is a centre for body-mind-spirit wellness on the beautiful
Sunshine Coast, just a 40 minute scenic ferry ride from Vancouver. 

Wellness Enlightenment

Scientific studies have proven that conscious people have greater health! Consciousness is the power of our mind to be instrumental in our well-being, being aware of our thoughts and choosing thoughts that will bring forth positive emotions. In this way we tap into the subconscious feelings and programming that create our body cells, and into our higher self where healing begins. The issues we have are not physical in origin, they only come out physically.

Inner Moves is a multi-dimensional approach to enhancing
your life from the inside out, offering a comprehensive program of:
  • transformational movement classes and meditation workshops
  • massage, bodywork and energy work
  • personal and group retreats 
  • community gatherings in nature

Inner Moves is an approach to life which recognizes that all the big, outer manifestations in life start from small shifts within; and that this inner transformation is the most profound when the entirety of body, mind, emotions and spirit are engaged.

Are you wanting to take better care of yourself? to rejuvenate? to be a part of your healing process? Have you found that your lifestyle and way of thinking aren't giving you the answers or the results you seek?

Get into your body!

The more you're actually in your body, the easier it is to clear subconscious blocks and access life in a higher frequency vibration where your conscious intentions can manifest. At Inner Moves, whether being nurtured in holistic healing sessions, or participating in body-mind-spirit movement classes, you will be inspired to have fun in your physicality, to love it, to hear and decipher its messages, and to take better care of yourself on many levels... by trained facilitators who are at the leading edge of kinesthetic research.

Flower into your innermost being and enjoy life more!

And by playing with and getting to know the voices of your subtle bodies (emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual) you will uncover greater depth, juiciness, and magic in your life.

Inner Moves invites you,
wherever you're at in your life now

to flower with the potential
  of this moment...

to open to
ongoing growth and well-being

and experience a rich
and meaningful relationship

with all that you are.

At Inner Moves we believe that Love and Joy are the greatest healers and generators of life force,

and it is this spirit of Aloha that we bring to all that we do,
with deepest respect for the unique beauty and purpose of your life path.