Tao Healing Love

                                                      THE TAO OF HEALING LOVE

For Health, Hormonal Balance, and a Youthful Glow

This powerful course shares the ancient Taoist chikung and meditation techniques that were revealed to the world by master Mantak Chia only a few decades ago.

For thousands of years they had been the closely guarded secrets of emperors and sages because their practice brings longevity, rejuvenation, enhanced pleasure, and increased personal power.

The Healing Love Tao Basics workshop focuses in the lower tantien (hara/navel center) where life in a body first begins. This area continues to be our physical energy bank where all chi (energy) meridians and myofascial connective tissue meet. The main pump of this energy bank is the pelvic floor.

By growing the life-force energy of the sexual glands, organs, bone marrow, and emotions in sync with the energies of the Universe and Earth, and then circulating it through the body's channels, an inner alchemy happens.

Using visualization, mindfulness, breath and muscle control, a life-long solo cultivation practice is created. Once learned, the practice can also be expanded to partner alchemy.

Students say they feel more energy, emotional stability, and centered peace, and are more orgasmic. They report relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms, incontinence, and impotence.

Tao Healing Love Practices include:
Inner Smile Meditation
6 Healing Sounds
Chi Self Massage
Microcosmic Orbit
Ovarian/Seminal Kung-fu

"I wanted to tell you that my energy has been phenomenal since class... 
and Monday morning I had the rare meditation experience of sitting down
doing what I thought were a couple micro-cosmic orbits and having the timer go off
with no awareness of 40 minutes having passed." A.S.