Somatic WAve

     a new way of moving

     by riding energy!


Somatic WAve
™ is physical movement created by surfing energy rebounding along the chi meridians of connective tissue. It was discovered by Dhyana while interweaving yoga with chikung, however it is not a movement form, but rather a technique that can be used to make any movement  practice, or healing modality, infinitely more effective.

       Our human body has a toroidal energy field, like our planet and galaxy in space.

   The two polarities of gravity and

  the cosmic electro-magnetic field

  are constantly both drawing us out

  and sourcing us, as in this diagram

  of a torus. 
It is possible to move

  with and be moved by this cosmic

  energy field that is common to all

  living things.

Experience a Somatic WAve
  • Become aware of gravity's pull without collapsing into it, as well as the dynamic attraction of the great central sun. Engage a felt-sense of the chi and connective tissue meridians that weave the body together along vertical planes between these two polarities.
  • Combine this awareness with a sequential engagement of the inner core diaphragms that are arranged like horizontal pumps from the arches of the feet and perineum of the pelvic floor up to the dura around the brain.
  • Sense the Opposing Force as the energy of your attention moves in two directions simultaneously, creating an oscillation that can then be surfed with the diaphragms into a full range of yoga poses, Nia, dance, energy healing, physical labour, and everyday movement. 

An Opposing Force both elongates and relaxes the muscles while strengthening them. It facilitates joints, tendons and fascia to safely open and align while being intrinsically supported, and provides both rehabilitation and strength training, even for people with various previous limitations. A student actually gets stronger and more energized as a class progresses, instead of fatigued as typical of most strength training. Students report relief from chronic foot, knee, hip, spine, neck, wrist and jaw pain.

Because the WAve is initiated with the inner diaphragms, it also pumps the spinal fluid up to bathe the brain, similar to the 'long tide' of Biodynamic Cranialsacral therapy. Initially this is done muscularly, but can eventually be done through ideokinesis - an energy play of visualization that requires minimal physical exertion and yet accesses the extraordinary fullness of being lifted by a WAve nonetheless.

Somatic WAve™ works very specifically with the feet, pelvis and hand Press Points. They are fulcrums that rebound the energy field from beyond our physical bodies, into the meridian lines of our body’s connective tissue to up-lift and broaden us into our full potential.

From her Chi Kung background, Dhyana discovered the importance of rebounding all the yang lines from gravity (not just the familiar back-body grounding) as well as the healing benefits of consciously circuiting this Rebound Force through the yin lines, organs and glands along the entire 12 chi meridian cycle. 

This dynamic relationship between yang and yin creates tensegrity within the body, making it self-supporting, grounded, and yet lifted upward and outward, safely finding its own way into movement and everyday equipoise from the inside out, rather than inviting potential injury by straining to fit into an external model with the skeletal muscles.

As well as these physical benefits however, the Somatic WAve™ creates a centered, expanded presence within the individual, radiant yet whole, with multiple connections to the power of the universal energy field.

The 6 Components of a Somatic WAve™:

  1. Balanced tension (tensegrity) of myofascial meridians (cf. Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers)
  2. Corresponding chi meridians guiding energy flow in specific directions
  3. Press Points grounding at the feet/tail/sit bones/hands
  4. Opposing Force at the inner diaphragms creating a rebound of energy
  5. Surfing anti-gravity at the rebound points
  6. Ideokinesis (a visualized image moves the body)