Hawaiian Hula

Hawaiian Hula is a beautiful, gracious dance that inspires femininity with its circular, swaying movements, originally created to assist in birthing. As a movement form, hula provides gentle weight-bearing exercise that strengthens the bones, loosens the hips, improves posture, and creates a sunny disposition. 

However it is also a way of life based on aloha (unconditional love) and ohana (family) and it is these things ~ hula as life ~ that open the heart and create smiling faces as we dance in sisterhood.

Ancient hula originated as a cosmic ritual and discipline, timed to be performed in alignment with the stars, planets, moon and seasons. This is deeply felt in hula feet as they merge with sacred earth, and hips as they sway with water or ignite with fire, creating mana (energy) to magically reach the ha (breath of spirit) into higher realms with the wind.

I (Dhyana Kalalea) have been part of a traditional hula halau (school/family) in Kauai since 1999, under the guidance of Puna Kalama Dawson, a kumu hula (master teacher) of ancestral lineage. My local students had a long-awaited opportunity to study with Puna in 2016 when she came to the Sunshine Coast for 10 days and to share her art and charismatic personality at public events.

"There are no mistakes when you dance from the heart." (Puna)

I carry Puna's philosophy that hula is about participation and dancing praise when I dance to uplift at performances, create ceremonies and rituals, or share what I know with others. 

My hula group is called Keia Papa Kaua ("We are this earth mother") and I offer weekly classes at Inner Moves Studio, 625 Glen Road, in Gibsons:

*A new beginner's class starts this spring 2017 on Wednesdays 7-8:30pm
Experienced: Mondays 5-6:30pm

Please bring a skirt or sarong to wrap around your hips. All are welcome.