Gall Bladder and Liver Cleanse

Gall 'stones' actually consist mainly of rubbery cholesterol. Cholesterol is a vital substance - if your body doesn't get it from the food you eat, your liver produces it. The key is to keep the cholesterol mobile with exercise, lecithin, garlic, good cold-pressed vegetable oils, and extra fiber. 

However if gallstones have already settled in your gallbladder, you can bet that they are also plugging up your liver, and they should be moved out, even if you've had your gall bladder removed. Otherwise your liver may be so congested that it is only able to produce a cup of bile daily, instead of the liter that is needed to alkalize the food in your digestive tract to prevent acidosis. A weakened liver leads to fatigue, lack of concentration, low performance, and disorders such as allergies and endometriosis. Studies have shown a link between gallstones and birth control pills.

Removing gallstones can easily be done without surgery, in a simple 24 hour procedure either at home, or at Inner Moves Wellness Center as part of The Cleanse personal retreat. 

Spring is the ideal time to do this cleanse, although it can be done anytime if you are feeling sluggish, and should be repeated until no more rubbery 'stones' come out. If you are having a gallbladder attack however, wait until it is over before doing a gall bladder liver cleanse.