Digestive Support


Digestive Valve Adjustments: 
When digestive valves are stuck, toxins are recirculating instead of being released. The blood is dirty and the immune system is overburdened. This can cause skin disorders, joint issues, various '-itises', indigestion, acid reflux, diarrhea, head-aches, foggy thinking, depression, etc. 

The open Ileocecal Valve Syndrome (in the lower right colon) is the result of stress and an abrasive, acid-forming diet. If left unchecked it can wear down the lining of the colon, and have a domino effect along the rest of the valves of the digestive tract all the way to a hiatal hernia at the stomach.

Simple adjustments involve bio-kinesiology, and activation of neural and lymphatic points. It is recommended that adjustments be followed by a 14-day eating plan to heal the intestinal lining and put you back on track to having a peaceful colon.

$60/hr. (or part thereof for subsequent check-ups)


It has been said by Dr. Robert O. Young in The pH Miracle that there is only one disease - acidosis - and all the rest are just symptoms. Blood and every fluid in the body should be slightly alkaline (7.3 -7.4 on the pH scale) however the human organism creates acid by-products while functioning, thinking, and exercising.

Unless these acids are eliminated by hydration, urination, perspiration and defecation, they build up, and acidosis:
  • causes inflammation and irritation
  • creates mucous sticking cells together
  • keeps oxygen-carrying red blood cells out of capillaries
  • leads to poor circulation and endless diseases
  • causes fat production to protect the organs
  • causes the liver to produce cholesterol
  • leaches minerals from bones and muscles
  • damages insulin receptor cells affecting blood sugar
  • causes energy loss
    Unfortunately most of the modern diet, with emphasis on carbohydrates and proteins, is acid-forming.

    We can alkalize by:
    • the food we eat
    • the water we drink
    • the air we breathe
    • the thoughts we think

    Information on eating a more alkaline diet is offered as part of:

       · Digestive Valve Adjustments
       · "The Cleanse" Personal Retreat at Inner Moves
       · pH Perfect Health Workshops.
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