Dhyana Bartkow (MA, BEd, Nia Black Belt) specializes in facilitating renewal, health and empowerment through body, mind and spirit wellness.

A professionally certified movement specialist and holistic practitioner,
Dhyana is the founder of Inner Moves Wellness Center and Crystal Creek Nature Retreat. She has taught locally and internationally since 1982 when she was the first person to create Holistic Fitness classes in Vancouver.

Dhyana was on her way to an academic career when a motorcycle crash altered her destiny. Severe spinal, head and pelvic injuries shifted her attention to the body. Her journey started with yoga (to learn conscious alignment), in time incorporated cardiovascular conditioning, and eventually led to the importance of engaging mind, energybody and spirit in healing, as well as to the awareness of body chemistry and diet.

Dhyana's passion is to share what she has learned about fitness, holistic health and well-being - through extensive training, through personal experience, and through the lives of those she has touched in Canada, Hawaii and Mexico.

As well as teaching ongoing classes and hosting personal and group retreats, Dhyana creates customized programs for conferences and trainings. She has led thousands of people to tap into their inner power through body-mind-spirit 'movement with meaning' experiences at personal growth events such as Peak Potentials' Warrior and Wizard camps:
"As a conference producer I give Dhyana a 5 star rating. Our 
participants absolutely loved her. She provides a rare combination 
of creativity and practicality that allows people to discover and 
express their essence."      
- Harv Eker, founder of Peak Potentials

Dhyana is also available to create opening ceremonies, rituals, weddings and joyful life celebrations.

"We really appreciated the lovely blessing for our shower. It really brought in the reality of the sacred miracle that we are going through." - J & C