Cheri LePage

"Unless you lose something, you don’t know you have it.
When you have something, you don’t realize something else exists. "
                                                                                - Cheri

After the death of her Father and Mother at a young age, Cheri lost a sense of identity, and so in 1984  she started practicing mindfulness and body awareness to maintain balance in her life. Thus began a deep journey into self exploration and self expression that has enabled her to develop a sense of trust in her life:

     * Through the study and practice of various movement therapies such as Yoga, Nia, and Feldenkrais, Cheri learned to live in her body.
     * Through Meditation and Spiritual Tool Kit courses with Suzy Naylor (teacher of Michele Ley courses) she deepened trust in her spiritual and instinctual faculties.
     * Through the practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing, she developed a safe and trusting relational field.

As well as drawing on these tools, Cheri also has learned that:
     * A flexible brain creates a flexible body
     * Rest and Recovery are essential to function at optimum levels in life, business and sports
     * A belief in Angels as doing the real work on the spiritual Order of Being, is best for all involved

These resources enable Cheri to stay balanced around chaos, whether as a seasoned and empathetic therapist, or as an effective Coast Guard marine rescue first responder. This same ability is what Cheri's clients express to be a sense of her holding sentry for them in a session.

Cheri takes the time to develop a sense of a safe relational field between practitioner and client. She finds a way to access the essence of her client by looking into the Biodynamic Field - a field which suggests the true essence of a person through the expression of their body. This process is not rushed and is considered a very important step to creating client/practitioner contact.

For further information, please contact Cheri directly on her cell: 604-740-1018
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