Chakra Meditation


   Chakra Enlightenment Intensive                is an 8 week course,

  focusing light and consciousness
 to open, cleanse and activate the chakras and aura. 

 This course continues to evolve.
     It has been taught since 1986     
           and is often repeated by          participants due to progressive  awareness and benefits that are  illuminated as the energy body
heals and continues to move into higher frequencies of vibration.

These meditations have been
found to be a precursor to psychic reading and healing abilities.

The 8 week 2015 course begins Sunday May 31st, 7-8:30pm,
at Inner Moves Studio. Fee $120.

A free introduction will be held at
Yoga by the Sea in conjunction with a
CD release celebration May 24th.


The Chakra Enlightenment Intensive workshop offers:
  • Self-realization through aura meditation
  • weekly focus on the activation and healing of one chakra (energy vortex corresponding to a major gland and to an aspect of the personality)
  • self-healing with light, colour, sound, unconditional love and affirmations
  • embodiment of the meditations with sensation 
  • development of stronger spiritual and psychic pathways
  • clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient openings
  • removal of foreign energy cords
  • a feeling of being fully and uniquely you

"Profound and really beautiful, like an exquisite symphony. 
For the first time I sat with a unity of Light and Spirit that I could embody."
~ S.C., therapist

"I felt like I just arrived home."
~ D.L., musician