Chakra Meditation

In this meditation CD you are guided to visualize light and feel sensations of Love and trust in your aura and chakras (energy centers at major glands)... to receive healing of mind, emotions, body and spirit.
Through this meditation process you will
enjoy a ground of being that manifests the best possible reality in your daily life. You will be able to sense distress in a chakra, choose and embody love over fear, and heal old, out-dated patterns in your subconscious. 
With these techniques you will change the energy pattern... and the outcome... to live in deLight!
Having experienced profound clearing with regular meditation, you will be able to root into the subconscious
when challenges (aka growth opportunities) arise, and ask "Do I have faith in my highest Self and Cosmic Source, or am I going to give faith to my fear?". With these techniques you will be able to heal the patterned responses that have been triggered in your energybody since childhood, and move towards enlightenment and new successful results in your life.

Dhyana studied aura meditation, psychic reading and psychic healing with the Washington Psychic Institute. She has practiced chakra meditation since 1982, and taught an ever evolving style of it since 1986, due to the profound growth it has brought to her life and to all who experience it:

                                     "I feel like I just arrived home." ~ DL, social worker

"Educational, inspirational and beneficial." ~ EL

                           "Profound and really beautiful, like an exquisite 
           For the first time I was sitting with a unity of Light and Spirit that I could embody."
 ~ SC, therapist

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