Biodynamic Craniosacral

Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing with Cheri
What is it?
Craniosacral Balancing is a form of osteopathic (bones) therapy, and helps to bring this system back to its natural alignment both structurally as well as physiologically (muscular) and neurologically. The craniosacral system houses itself within our cerebral spinal fluid, so any ANS (autonomic nervous system) and CNS (central nervous system) fluctuations will show up in the cranio rhythms. Treatments help to settle down this activation (caused by all forms) as well as assist the system to regulate back to its natural alignment.
This is a gentle bodywork therapy which works with the natural tide-like rhythms within the fluid physiology of the body, in which the therapist facilitates a re-orientation to a state of balance.

Gentle but potent:
The potency of a session organizes the primary nervous system along the mid-line of the body, which is the central core of the human energy system. This health support enables the body to return to a more centered relationship with respect to its energetic core.

Cheri's approach to this form of healing is a Biodynamic approach, which really means treating the whole system, not just the part. People find this whole systemic approach to be the missing link to a longer lasting healing step, because beneficial healing only on the "part" often doesn't last. An approach to the whole picture - the whole body field, the whole emotional field and the whole neurological field - is held in this Biodynamic approach: that is where shifts occur on a much deeper, subtle yet profound, and often permanent level.

Innate blueprint for health:
Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy is grounded in the fundamental understanding that the human organism naturally orients toward health and self-regulation, similar to how a plant grows around obstacles toward the light. The human body's ability to regenerate is directly supported by augmentation of the developmental forces at work in us since conception. The blueprint for health is present from the time of our embryological development and maintains balance in our form and function.
The body moves into its natural state more readily when not pushed to do so. This approach is set to be paced with the client - to shift when they are ready. Through safe non-invasive touch, the settling and self-regulation of the nervous system is sustained.

What can you expect from a session?
When you enter the therapy studio there will be some initial conversation about your situation, needs and intention for each session. You will lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table and made to feel warm and physically supported. The therapist's hands will be placed lightly on your body to listen to and sense the craniosacral and other bodily rhythms.

Clients enter a relaxed or meditative state, and have described leaving a session feeling:
      - an awakening has happened
      - at one and connected
      - deep peace and ease
      - a sense of empowerment
      - a sensation of vital energy humming through their bodies
      - recharged with vitality and health
      - a fuller capacity for reflection, insights, ideas
Through this sense of deep relaxation, pain, health issues and stress disorders often resolve.

The fee for a Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing session is $75 and will take 60 - 90 minutes.
There is also a package fee of 3 sessions for $200.
Sessions are given at Inner Moves Wellness Center, 625 Glen Road, Gibsons.

Any questions?
As a practitioner it is my job to support your process and hold a safe and trusting field for you to resolve your healing wishes and to assist with integration after.

Please contact Cheri LePage, BCST, for an appointment or for more information: 604-740-1018,